Yukiko-san and Maki-san 


Before coming to Japan my friend Pål put me in contact with two of his friends her, Yukiko-san and Maki-san.

Yesterday I met these lovely ladies and they treated me to a nice lunch at a traditional yakitori restaurant called Torigin. Tori gintaras is a very old traditional Japanese restaurant and actually where Maki-sans Grandmother used to go.

I figured I’m with experts on Japanese food so I left it to them to decide what to eat. We had a mixture of meat and vegetable skewers and a rice dish. A very nice meal and interesting for me to experience some traditional Japanese food.

Yukiko-san and Maki-san.

After lunch we went to a tea house and enjoyed some tea of course and a small beautiful dessert. I had the Ba Bao Charlotte tea and Jasmine Chiboust as a sweet.

Thank you very much to Yukiko-san and Maki-san for taking such good care of me. It was and pleasure to meet you and spend the day with you. You are always welcome at my home anytime you want.


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