Singapore – Pay it forward

I arrived Singapore yesterday morning. I have been here once before.

My first impression this time was very positive.  As I’m on a budget I try forse myself to take the cheapest option available to get from the airport to the hotel and that usually means the Underground. 

Well it does not get any cheaper than Singapore as I ended paying nothing. I was trying to buy a ticket in a machine but it did not work. The machine did not take credit cards and the largest bill accepted was 5 S$. The smallest I had at hand was 10 S$. A young guy saw this so he pulled out his own wallet and paid for my ticket. I tried to tell him that I had to repay him but he did not want any of that and just smiled, said ‘Goodbye’ and walked away. 

I was rather taken by his kindness. No its not a lot of money, but how often does it happen that a stranger walks up to you, pays something from his own pocket and walks away not wanting anything in return.

A good start of the day and a challange for me to pay it forward. 


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