Cuca restaurant 


As I wrote some posts ago I attended the Taste Festival in Darwin. There I met a restaurant called Cuca located at Jimbaran in Bali and spoke to the lovely Virginia and Kevin responsible for it.

Since I spent my last night at Jimbaran I saw it only fitting to celebrate this evening by dining at Cuca and it was a lovely meal I got to enjoy. I had; Rosted Pork Buns, Rice Tempura Soft Shell Crab, BBQ  Octopus, Bali Breakfast and Salted Caramel with Black Pepper Ice Cream. Below some pics treatment of my feast.

Pork Buns, BBQ Octopus and Rice Tempura Soft Shell Crab. Fläskbuns, Grillad bläckfisk och Ristempura krabba.

Caramel and Black Pepper Ice Cream. Karamell och svartpepparglass.
Bali Breakfast. Bali frukost.  

My favorites must be the Crab and the black pepper ice cream. The sharpness of that ice cream is just brilliant.  The Bali Breakfast is the dessert I had in Darwin and it’s delicious in its complicated simplicity.  On my to-do list when I get home is to make the Black Pepper Ice Cream and to try to figure out how to make the mango “yolk” in the middle of the Bali Breakfast dessert.  I do think I know how it’s made but it’s a matter of execution. 

If ever in Bali make an effort to stop by Cuca Restaurant. It will for sure be one of your best meals in Bali. It was mine.


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