Love F Hotel, Kuta

Well I had to try out the famous Kuta as well and therefore checked in to the Love F Hotel by Fashiontv. 

Room was good size with comfortable bed, clean linnens and towels. The walls in the room though was rather dirty from people hotting the walls with their luggage. It’s time to repaint the rooms.

I paid 386 SEK per night including a good breakfast buffet. 

Nothing special but good value for your money. 
The hotel is a typical western hotel with modern interior. One thing that did stand out was the shape of their logotype which could be seen everywhere and I mean everywhere; plates, coffee cups, the foot on the table, ash trays, trash bins etc. The shape was the same as the shape of Superman logotype except with a F instread of an S. In other words, rather fitting for me to stay there:-) 

The area is known to be a party area where teenagers hang out and the atmosphere were very different from other areas I’ve been. 


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