Scooter and hippy party

To feel like you really been on Bali, you do need to see the island from a scooter and on Monday we did. 

My friend was invited to a party outside Ubud and the best way to get there was by scooter.  It’s a very cheap way to get around and you get to see a lot of what you normally would not see.

I paid 60 000 IND per day including insurance (which you should always buy). The traffic is of course not as organised as it is in Western countries but for some reason you get the hang of it rather quickly and we drove maximum 30 km/h.

The party, that was really a hippy party, was set at a yoga retreat surrounded by rice fields. A very beautiful place. Since we were on scooters we had to head back before sunset and did not get to see the entertainment later in the evening. But it was a very nice ride out and interesting to see.


Decorations and preparations on the rice fields.  

And always ware a helmet. 


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