Pituq Café 

And here is my second pearl, Pituq Café, that I unfortunately found just two days ago but visited twice. Again a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with absolutely lovely food. And as everything here on Gili T, relaxed. Only negative thing is that they do not open until 3pm.

The day before yesterday I sat next to two Swedish girls who ordered Twix for dessert so I got inspired and ordered one for myself as well. Ended up ordering another one and went back yesterday to have some more. The Twix delights were just a small bite of heaven, nothing to be compared to the ones you buy in the store. I actually feel sad leaving this place now that I finally found not only one but two fantastic restaurants. 

You either sit or lay on the floor. During sitter eller ligger på golvet. 

Vegan wrap. Vegan wrap.

Vegan Rice Paper rolls, freshly squeezed juice and sweet delights. Vegan rispapperrullar, färskpressad juice och sötsaker

The Twix. Twixen.


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