Bagus Jati Health and Wellbeing Retreat, Bali

Saying goodbye to Bagus Jati and moving on to Ulu Watu.

My impression of Bagus Jati. All in all a lovely place and uniquely surrounded by the jungle. Surroundings were well kept and the staff is beyond service minded and friendly. We have felt very welcome and well taken care of.

Upon arrival, we got a free upgrade so we enjoyed a spacious villa with a big poarch and beautiful views. The villa was a bit dated though and most of the houses would need a facial sooner rather than later. 

Details, but most of the towels and linens should be changed immediately. Other than that we were expecting more of the food. We had a discussion with the manager about the food and they made an immediate effort to improve it which we highly appreciated and which says a lot of their service level. It was evident that everyone in the staff was notified and instructed to improve. The manager also looked us up the following day to get our feedback. A gesture which also says a lot. The hearth and the service level is definitely there.

After improving the food I would still only rate the level at a 5. I really got itchy fingers and I myself wanted to go in to the kitchen and have a discussion about how to prepare food in general as I felt the issue is not necessarily the ingredients but the level of knowledge.

As a compensation for us being disappointed in the food we were treated to a 3 course dinner plus they did not charge us for any of the excursions we made (Balinese Purification and blessing ritual, Ubud trip and Hiking up Mount Batur). Again it says a lot about the people responsible for Bagus Jati and their willingness to make sure they have happy guests.

Leaving Bagus Jati, apart from spending time with my friend, it’s firstly the people and secondly the beautiful surroundings that I will bring with me.


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